Nov 14, 2017
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Woman threw acid on her husband’s face, because he didn’t want to be with her anymore

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I should warn you that you’re about to read one of the saddest stories ever told.

‘She laughed and just threw it’: Acid attack victim who took 15 months to die in agony tells murder trial from beyond the grave how his ex-lover, 48, ‘maimed him so no one else could have him’

Bristol, England – The victim of an acid attack gave evidence from beyond the grave in a ground-breaking murder trial this week – telling how his ex-girlfriend laughed before dousing him in a corrosive liquid.

Mark Van Dongen, 29, was paralysed from the neck down, suffered extensive burns, had his left leg amputated and struggled to speak after the attack by Berlinah Wallace, 48, in Bristol.

Prosecutors say that, despite the victim having later died at a euthanasia clinic in Belgium, the acid attack led directly to his death and have charged Berlinah with murder.


As part of the evidence in her highly unusual trial, the jury was shown footage of Mark being interviewed by police before his death.

Describing the attack, he told a British detective: ‘She woke me up and said that “If I can’t have you no one can”.

‘And she laughed and just threw the acid, it was a square box of acid with about an inch of acid in it. I only went back because I felt sorry for her.’


Mark, an engineer, was seen running from his home ‘screaming in agony’ after the alleged attack on September 23, 2015.

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