Aug 24, 2017
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John Cena’s Fans Surprise Him in Heartwarming Video

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If you don’t like feel good videos like this, wake up! This video is heartfelt and involves the homie, John Cena!

Cricket Wireless is the uploader of the video and they wrote: John Cena fans surprise him in this emotional reaction video. 

A lot of background there for use cricket…

Last time they got together John did his best to scare the living shit out of some kids who wanted to meet him.

This time the kids returned the favor and surprised John with some heart felt moments.

Like I said at the start of this post if you don’t like videos where there is some positive message behind it you should not watch the video below.

Also side note, I miss the old John Cena meme where he would just bust in during wild times of a video. What a classic.

Checkout the full video below:

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