Aug 23, 2017
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Shoplifting She-Thug Assaults Store Clerk, Gets Brutal Instant Justice

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A shocking video has emerged of a shoplifting she-thug who got caught stealing from a convenience store. The clip has now gone viral after the thieving woman received a brutal dose of instant justice when she assaulted the clerk who tried to stop her from using the “five finger discount.”

The disturbing clip uploaded to LiveLeak shows the woman attempting to shoplift multiple items as the store clerk attempts to stop her. From the very beginning of the footage, it was clear that this altercation was not going to end well. “Move b*tch, move b*tch,” the woman can be heard screaming as the clerk blocks the path to the door.

The woman filming the incident appears to have young children with her. “Is somebody gonna break that up?” the woman recording is heard saying. “Y’all get out,” she said to her children, but as they try to make an exit, things take a turn for the worse. The clerk tries to tell the woman that he won’t do anything and offers her a path to the door as she continues screaming at him.

The clerk clearly lets the woman walk out of the door and tells her the cops are on their way and for her to run. This is when the woman proved that you can’t fix stupid. With her arms full of stolen merchandise she walks out of the door and then walks right back in telling the clerk she isn’t afraid of anything. “B*tch, I’ll hit your ass again,” she said.

Like an idiot, the woman follows the angry clerk back into the store and continues to talk trash. The moment she goes for another “free” item is when he decides he’s had enough. “Here, I want another one,” she says as she grabs a package off the shelf. The clerk immediately tries to reach for the new item as she pulls it away. When the shoplifter brings the item down on his head, karma decides to pay her an ugly visit as this clerk has clearly been pushed past the breaking point.

The clerk delivered one blow to the she-thug’s face and then gives her a devastating shove right out the door of the store. The woman is immediately sent flying backward as she and the pissed off clerk continue to battle. The video, which was also uploaded to YouTube, then shows the woman getting knocked to the ground. You would think that by this point she would just walk away from the parking lot and accept defeat. She didn’t, proving some people just don’t know when to walk away.

The woman filming the event had ample time to leave the situation prior to this but decided to keep filming, luckily for us. As the attacker walks back toward the store, the clerk follows and the battle continues. The clerk then appears to lose his temper completely and goes full rage-monster on the shoplifter. He lands blow after blow as the now dumbfounded she-thug tries to shield her head. Finally, after the clerk puts a nasty smackdown on the shoplifter, the woman filming tells her children it’s time to go and hurries them to the car.

By this time, the clerk had gone back into the store, and it should have been the end of it. Not hardly. The suspect is seen opening the door to the store again and screams, “I don’t give a f*ck.” Just as quickly as she is seen going in, she comes flying out with force. The angry clerk shoved her right back out onto the ground as the woman filming ends the clip with, “Oh sh*t.”

Yes, I’d probably have said something similar because this shoplifter was clearly off her rocker. How in the world can people be so stupid? Hopefully, the cops are able to identify the woman and put her in jail, and as for the angry clerk, he was definitely assaulted first but who knows if the brutal beat down he dished out fell within the boundaries of “self-defense.” Either way, this woman had most assuredly stirred up some bad karma and did not know when to give up.

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