Aug 23, 2017
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Saggy-Pants Thug Attempts To Car-Jack 3 Football Players At Gunpoint, Gets Brutal Surprise

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Three football players from Albuquerque, New Mexico, were shocked when a man, who they tried to help, pulled a gun on them and demanded the keys to their car. Now, the punk has learned a painful lesson after the fed-up football players responded to his criminal behavior with a brutal surprise, and rightfully so.

According to an August 18 report by local news source KOAT, the attempted car-jacking took place at Loma Linda Community Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, just as three football players were leaving practice. One of the victims had noticed a man before practice who was loitering in the area.

After practice was over, the wanna-be car-jacker asked if the group of athletes would give him a ride home. Little did they know that minutes later, this saggy-pants wearing thug would pull a gun on them and tell them to get out of the car.Football practice at Loma Linda Community Center, Albuquerque, NM. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Loma Linda Community Center)

According to local news source KRQE, police have identified the suspect as 21-year-old Angelo Martinez. The football players said, after changing his mind a few times about where he wanted them to drop him off, they arrived at a home on the 1700 block of Girard SE.

This is when Martinez should have gotten out of the vehicle and walked away. But, thugs aren’t known for being smart. So instead, Martinez pulled his gun out and pointed it at the three good Samaritans and demanded they exit the vehicle.

As the players got out of the car, Martinez reportedly tried to put it into reverse and fumbled his gun. One courageous victim pounced on the opportunity – and on Martinez. Police say that the victim jumped back into the car and put a fist squarely into Martinez’ face. At that point, it was game-on.

All three football players “rigorously” worked together to restrain the suspect until officers from Albuquerque Police Department arrived. When police got to the scene, they found the suspect being constrained by the three football players who had taken the opportunity to rearrange his face, and rightfully so.

The mugshot of Martinez is epic. This punk looks like he was beaten with the ugly-stick in beast mode. I think it’s safe to assume that after he serves his sentence in prison, he won’t be trying to car-jack any more football players.

According to police, Martinez was carrying a fake-gun and a knife when he attempted to car-jack the victims. The police also found a note on Martinez which helps to support the idea that you can’t fix stupid as the note read, “Give me the keys to your wip and a nobody get heart. I know where you live so don’t make me kill.”

The typos in the thug’s note indicate a very low level of IQ. He should have stayed in school at least until 3rd grade and gotten a job. Luckily, none of the would-be victims were hurt, although there might be a few sore knuckles to ice down. This punk got exactly what he deserved for trying to car-jack innocent victims instead of working for a living and buying a car for himself. It’s always good to see karma come back around to get the bad guy.

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