Aug 12, 2017
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Four Strippers Kill A Man After He Helped Them Change Their Flat Tire

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Four strippers from Memphis and Nashville turned themselves into police for the robbery and murder of a man who originally stopped to help them with their flat tire.

Brittany Curry, 28, Ponesha Taylor, 23, Johniesha Simmons, 19, and Lauteshia Dotson, 23 have all been charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and the unlawful use of a weapon in the August 1 killing of 55-year-old Ralph Cross.

According to reports, Cross bought a new tire for the women and allowed them to stay in his Missouri home while he fixed the car. He was last seen at about 6:30PM August 1, which is the day he died. A witness said he saw Cross arguing with three women while one woman waited inside a white car. The witness then heard a noise and the three women fled Cross’ home and entered the car.

Police say Cross was shot in the back with a 9mm handgun. Inside Cross’s home couch cushions were turned over and the inside to some of his pants pockets were turned out.

The women reportedly turned themselves into police on August 3 after friends and relatives saw their pictures captured from surveillance and advised they tell local authorities their side of the story. It’s believed Curry pulled the trigger. None of the women confessed to the murder or what role they played in Cross death.

Curry, Taylor, Simmons and Dotson are all being held in separate facilities with no bond.

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