Aug 11, 2017
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Nurse Wheels Newborn Into The Elevator, Then Grandma Notices Something Suspicious

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#1 Nurse

Security cameras caught this nurse going into the maternity ward at the hospital in Sichuan Province of south west China. The nurse, later found to be named Su, didn’t seem to raise any suspicion with the staff, and she just appeared like any of the other nurses.

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#2 Maternity Ward

After entering the maternity ward, Su was seen leaving with a bassinet, pulling it along in the hallway toward the elevator. A baby was inside, as she made her way, keeping a mask over her face. The baby’s grandmother spotted her and thought she looked suspicious.

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#3 Questioning

The grandmother began to question the nurse, and the more she talked to her the more suspicious she became. Something just didn’t seem right with the nurse, so the grandmother persisted, not letting the baby out of her sight for any reason.

#4 Elevator

When the nurse pushed the baby onto the elevator, the grandmother followed, and hovered over the baby. She put herself between the nurse and her granddaughter, and demanded that the nurse take the baby back to the maternity ward.

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#5 Protective

In the security footage, you can see the grandmother protecting the baby, and not letting the nurse near her. She was not going to let this woman get away with something concerning a helpless child, and her own granddaughter. Finally, the nurse helped her and the baby off the elevator.

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#6 Escape

As soon as the grandmother and the baby were off the elevator, the nurse ducked back in and pushed the button to close the door. The grandmother alerted security and they went after the nurse, but she ran from the hospital. Police tracked her down and arrested her for kidnapping.

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