Aug 11, 2017
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Man Posts to Girlfriend’s Facebook After Killing Her, Police Say – Writing, ‘Never Play Games with Someone’

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Soon after an Ohio man shot and killed his girlfriend Sunday, police tell PEOPLE he took her phone to post on her Facebook page:

“Never play games with someone emotions or cheat on them when they give you their all,” 42-year-old Leonzo Bufford wrote on Keisha Betton’s page, under her name and mostly in all-caps, police say.

“I’m done being lied to, that’s why it happen,” he wrote, they say.

And, in all-caps: “Please respect their love and devotion , someone will end up hurt or worse dead.”

Bufford killed Betton, his 40-year-old girlfriend of two years, during a fight Sunday night – the first in three shootings that ended when Bufford took his own life as authorities began closing in, Elyria Police Department spokesman Capt. Chris Costantino tells PEOPLE. Fleeing from the scene of Betton’s death, Bufford then attacked his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, before being caught in Cleveland, where he killed himself, police say.

It all started with an argument over dinner.

“Apparently, [Bufford] felt that the victim was seeing someone else,” Capt. Costantino says. “They had gone out to dinner Sunday night with his sitter and mother, and it seems the victim was on her phone throughout the meal, texting to someone. He was annoyed by this and confronted her when they eventually got home.”

The couple argued for several minutes before Bufford walked to his car to retrieve a handgun, Costantino says. When he returned, he shot Betton several times in the torso, as her teenage daughters – ages 15 and 17 – watched in horror.

Costantino says Bufford then grabbed Betton’s phone and fled the scene, prompting an all-points bulletin for his vehicle.

As Bufford posted to Betton’s page, under her name, one of Betton’s friends commented back, suggesting Bufford kill himself, Costantino says. He replied, “I will.” In another post on Betton’s profile picture, Bufford wrote, “I’m done being lied to, that’s why it happen,” Costantino says.

Soon after finding Betton’s lifeless body, detectives tried calling Bufford’s cell phone, Costantino says. He answered.

“We asked him what was going on, and he said, ‘I found out she was cheating on me and I shot her,’ ” Costantino says. “We asked him where he was headed, and he told us he was leaving the state.”

But Bufford did not end up crossing state lines. Instead, he drove to South Euclid, where he shot his ex-girlfriend, Sophia Latimer, 50, and her new boyfriend, Darnell Strowder, 58, multiple times.

“He set a fire outside this house where his ex-girlfriend lives, to lure her out,” Costantino tells PEOPLE. “Once they emerged from the home, he started shooting them.”

Both Latimer and Strowder are expected to make full recoveries, Costantino says.

Police eventually caught up with Bufford’s car in a parking lot in Cleveland, Costantino says. As officers approached the vehicle, they could see Bufford raise his gun to his temple before firing off a single shot.

His relatives told police they find his crime spree “very much out of character,” Costantino says: “In talking to his family, who are nice people, we learned he was apparently a very passive individual. His mother and sister said this was very much out of character for him and that he turned away from physical altercations.”

Costantino tells PEOPLE he’s worried about the lasting effects Sunday’s violence will have on Betton’s daughters.

“These poor girls witnessed it, and one was about to jump out a second-story window to get away from Bufford,” he says. “These girls will never be the same.”

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